by Zach Weinberg

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released February 4, 2013



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Zach Weinberg Boston, Massachusetts

Zach Weinberg is a Boston based musician.

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Track Name: 16 Days (Triton Not To Be)
Born into the oceans grip
My first steps were a summers dip
I waited 16 days for grand old boats to pass my way
Now I'm partial to the open sea
Five don't move until told by me
Takes 16 days to build a ship
Now she's really in for it

16 days, going under now

My story is that I make it rain
Not even mermen feel my pain
Fish don't breathe till I'm asleep
You see the beach, it's really me
Now waves can't moan without decree
My lakes void of tranquility
My thrones full of some harsh conceit
Look what you've done to me
I'm coming down to set you right
Not 16 days, not even a night
The waters blacker than the night
This was never my birth rite!

16 days, going under now

You float above my kitchen door
Your shadow casted on the floor
You float down to the seabed
I gently turn my head
Nobody ask me if my name is Triton Not To Be
Nobody ask me... my name is Triton Not To Be
Track Name: Phantom Tree
Climb my phantom tree
Touch the ghostly grass
I'll plan the music that my children hear
Build a collection for my kids
Spend my money on unborn beer

The guitar is not a tool for getting laid
Or rather music anyway
Why would you want to abuse one of the tools
On a universal highway

1, 2, 3, 4, Here we go
Track Name: Poison Tea
My home was on The Meadow
Where the people weren't so shallow
The end is near, my time is up
My brother stole my lover

I won't compete, he won't succeed
In his plan to make me recede
Everyday I wake up,
And drink my cup of tea.

I don't want to to do this
But I can't get through this
Don't come back to haunt me
Track Name: End Of A Body
I'm speaking from my head down to my toes
This crazy world is spinning out of control
Too many to touch not enough to love
Every passing moment is not a must

These are the people that I have shunned
Thinking of my life before anyone's
Now I'm a pilgrim on the edge,
edge of my perception, end of a body

Maybe you'll die an orchid, be born on the rainbow plain!
No one contributes to the voices insane!
Maybe you'll find direction, in a mess of a pain!
Wrong ideas, wrong way to play the game!
Track Name: New Land
And we were floating in the sea
And nobody ever heard our plea
And we were floating there for days
Suddenly, we were cast away

Come and take my hand
Come to a new land
No one will be planning for a long time

As I was floating on the waves
You were the one that I missed the most
But then we finally found land
As if someone lent a helping hand

Come and take my hand
Come to a new land
We can go exploring all day long
Track Name: Oh My Darlin'
Oh my darlin' went down to the sea
I said take my boat and I'll go with you
I went on the Atlantic to catch some fish
But then before I knew it, I was down in a ditch

Oh My Darlin', I'm better than you!

Oh my darlin' went into the desert
I took her water, cuz she didn't mind
And I drank that water down as fast as I could
So my darlin' couldn't get it cuz it would be mine

Oh My Darlin', I'm better than you!
Track Name: Coral's End
Come with me down to the ocean floor
Nobody will know it's me

Oh sea and sand...
Oh sea and sand...

Go sit down and transform the seashore
I will try to help you too
Don't let Neptune catch you on the loose
16 Days until you're free

Oh sea and sand...
16 Days, I'm going under
Oh Coral's End

Everybody has a clue...

My name is Triton Not To Be
Stick up my arm
16 Days, goin under..no
Not today
Is it her? Is it Him? Is it me?
It's Triton Not To Be!

Come with me down to the deep blue sea
Come on Triton Not To Be
Track Name: Visitors
I look into the peephole and see my brothers face
Behind him is that beautiful figure of grace
I want to let them in
I want to be their friends

Let me step into my mind
Analyze what's happening
He has something I'll never have
It's nothing, I'll let it pass

They sit down on my couch and I fetch them some tea
We talk about the precious love that they both share
I want to get rid of them
I want to shatter them

Let me step into my mind
Analyze what's happening
He has something I'll never have
Let me step into the past